Saturday, November 20, 2010

Derailed Train of Thought

I currently attend GSU. I am pursuing a Masters in Public Policy Non-Profit Management. I recently recieved my Bachelors in English and the Policy Studies is kicking my butt. Its a different way of thinking. Its more logical than the Literature track I have been on for the past 4-5 years ( I have an Associates in English also). I no longer have write 6-10 page papers twice a week (which is a relief at times), but I do end up reading a whole lot more. All in all, like the way the classes are going. I see it as preparation for the non-profit I am planning to start.

Close your eyes:
Imagine coming to America. Not knowing the ropes. Not knowing the ins and outs of Financial Aid or not not knowing that there is help for academic counseling if needed. Or imagine that your parents are unable to convey their concern for your welfare? There is a lot of infoprmation out there, but it is scattered. I would like to set up a center that enable people to better fit in society. We are pushing towards a more global society and courses such as Accent Neutraliztion is a slap in the face to individuals who are are. There is a better way to help people who work here, live here, and pay taxes.

Im signing off for now...stay tuned.

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