Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Human Rights

I finally know which career path I want to take, but now its just going to take time.  Since a child, I have always felt a way about injustice--mainly acts against ones human rights. I really want to attend law school, but I have hang ups about the price and the current economy. It wouldnt be wise to enter law school without having a guranteed job lined up. Also, having two small children doesn't help either!

This is why I chose Public Policy. I can work my way up to where the cost of law school wouldn't matter.

This came to mind today when someone at my current job, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, asked what exatcly did I want to do with my life. I am finally very confident with my answer. I kno

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  1. We have similar interests, so I am interested in hearing more about your thoughts on various subjects. I hope you will continue to write in your blog.