Monday, November 22, 2010

Emancipate yourself...

I titled my blog "Emancipate Yourself..." because I feel as though we are lost without prior knowledge. For example: I went to my son's preschool for a "Thanksgiving Feast". So far, everything had been politically correct at his Pre-K. No longer did they tell the children to sit "Indian-style" it is now "criss-cross applesauce". They didnt celebrate Halloween, but they did celebrate "Harvest Day" (where they dressed in costumes and collected candy from a Senior home).

As I stepped through the halls lined with Turkey's and Pumpkins, I felt the Autumn spirit. Like oranges and browns. Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Apple pies and Pumpkin pies. Charlie Brown First Thanksgiving. I opened his classroom door and there my son stood in a homemade pilgrim hat scribbled with blue crayon. I looked to the right. The other four year-olds  in the preschool class adjacent to his wore construction paper hats adorned  with colorful feathers.

But, as I speak about his preschool, I am also to blame. I have watch the Redskins, I have "Tomahawk" chopped for the braves, and I had no qualms about watching the Cheifs. Its awful.

I highly doubt Thanksgiving was a peaceful, happy day for the Native Americans. They didnt sit silently in small pox infested blankets given to them by pilgrims--So why are we pretending it is? Im not asking for these holidays to be ripped away totally, but just learn the background because Thankgiving didnt start with Pilgrims and Native Americans.

For the record: I am not Native American. I have no American ancestry. But, my heart goes out to those who are. Imagine walking around with people parading around in your cultural garments. People making a mockery of your spiritual dances. Or roads named like "Indian Trail" supposedly in your honor.

Just a little thing to think about as you slice your Turkey this Thanksgiving holiday...

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